FAA Approved Repair Station BA3R390L
FAA Production Approval 724NM
Limited Type Certificate No. 11 (LTC-11)


We fabricate FAA Approved North American Aviation P-51 parts for the aircraft structure, including castings and fittings.  ​Below is a sample of our work, please contact us for more parts available. 

122-21033 & 122-21033-1 Horizontal stabilizer rear beam fitting (NAA Technical Order)

99-52105 Socket assembly pilot control stick - machined 2024T3 material!

104-31019 & 104-31019-1 Hinge fitting coolant door

Original Magnesium North American Aviation Support Assembly landing gear pivot.  Zyglo inspected with new bushings and overhauled downlock pin assemblies, supplied with a FAA form 8130-3

       91-33106-200 Left
       91-33106-201 Right
73-33578-3 Rod assembly landing gear retracting struct connecting

ATE-6N rod end bearing, landing gear retract (note the grease points)

102-31943-100 (right side also available)

102-31919-1Fitting, engine mount diagonal brace (left side also available

73-22007 Fitting, trim tab hinge

102-31944 Housing, engine lord mount rear (right side also avaliable)

Plug, combat tank.  Early and late style

102-42019 & 102-42019-1 Shroud assembly inner exhaust

83-33542-20 Late style heavy weight aluminum cast landing gear handle

109-52528 Fitting Assy, Trim Tab Push

104-310262 Edge Assembly

F140 Pulley

P-51B/C Trim Pedestal

Elevator weight assembly

106-33314-2 & 106-33314-3 Bracket, landing gear fairing door front hinge.  Machined 2024T3 material!

TF-51 Canopy Glass
( Canopy structures and fuselage also available on request)

WEIGHT ASSEMBLY, ELEVATOR INERTIA (Tech Order 01-60J-29 / 01-60-90)

106-14300 P-51D Wing center rib assembly


106-42024 Elbow Assembly, Carb Air duct.  (Complete induction systems available on request)

109-31541 Cowl Former

We stock several new manufacture cowl formers.  Contact us for a quote.
FAA Approved structure parts.  More kits available, contact us for a quote.

73-23001 Vertical Fin parts kit.  Kit shown is for late model fins with the doublers and stringers for the antenna install.  Early model parts kits are also available.  Kit includes skins.